Work continues…..

I have been spending some valuable time with the electrodometer over the last couple of weeks, testing the reaction of the implant with various sonic inputs.

Manning the electrodometer

Some preliminary tests have shown that the purity of the sine tone provides clearest and most easily controlled stimulus to the individual electrodes. Below are two electrodometer visualisations. One shows a ‘fan’ like configuration generated with my cochlear tone synthesizer (pictured bottom) using just sine tones. The second image shows the results for the same configuration using sawtooth waves. It’s pretty clear that the more complex sawtooth harmonics produce activity in a greater number of electrodes for each tone.

Here is the sine tone graph:


And the sawtooth graph:


And the synthesiser configuration. Basically, starting in the centre, the pattern fans out alternating a move up with a move down until the extremities of the implants frequency range are covered.

Fan row synth formation

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  1. Erica Seccombe writes:

    Hey Robin. Nice work. Your project is really interesting and the diagrams a very cool.

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