Robin Fox Info

Robin Fox is a Melbourne based sound and visual artist currently working with live digital media in improvised, composed and installation settings. He creates audio-visual works for the cathode ray oscilloscope, which have been released on the DVD  ‘Backscatter’(synaesthesia records). The DVD has screened at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Mittwoschule in Berlin, the 8th International New Media Arts Festival in Riga and the TRANSIT festival Switzerland.

Live audiovisual performances have taken place across Europe including appearances at the Netmage festival, Bologna, the Wien Modern festival, Vienna, Noise and Glamour Festival, Moscow and the Transacoustic festival, Auckland. This work, in constant development, is currently being realised with a high-powered, audio controlled laser system with recent performances at the October Contemporary Festival (Hong Kong), Salamanca International Festival (Spain), Yokohama Triennial (Japan) and the Mona Fona Festival (Australia).

Earlier European tours have seen  laser based presentations at Musique Action Festival (Nancy, France), VENN festival (Bristol, UK) and Neia Musik Festival (Mulhouse, France) among numerous other appearances. His recent installation work Volta has featured at the RoslynOxley9 and Orange Regional art galleries in 2006 and featured at the Asian Art Biennale in Tapei 2007.

Musically, he has performed with some of the world’s leading improvisers including Jon Rose, Tony Buck, Oren Ambarchi, Lasse Marhaug, Jerome Noetinger, Clayton Thomas (album Substation released by Room40 records 2005), Erkki Veltheim, Natasha Anderson and Sean Baxter among many others and has an ongoing collaborative duo with composer/performer Anthony Pateras. This duo is documented on Coagulate released through synaesthesia in 2003, Flux Compendium released on eMego in 2006 and End of Daze released on deMego late 2008. He is also a member of Beta-erko, a quartet released on Berlin based Quecksilber label.

Fox is a regular performer and speaker at Festivals around Australia (What is Music, Liquid Architecture, Electrofringe, SOOB, NowNOW, Big Day Out) and performs regularly across Europe and Asia.

He also has a PhD in composition, from Monash University focussing on the development of multi-channel performance ecologies and the design of interactive electro-acoustic situations that explore the dynamic between performer, space and computer and an MA in musicology, which documents the history of experimental music making in Melbourne 1975-9.

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