Close Encounters

On the 1st of  October a meeting was convened at the Bionic ear Institute in Melbourne between four CI (cochlear implant) recipients, four composers involved in the Interior Design project and 2 scientists. The meeting was semi-formal and served to facilitate communication between implant recipients and composers as well as the filming for a slot on ABC TV’s Art Nation program (to be screened Sunday 31 October). It was an incredible experience for a number of reasons to be outlined below. (more…)

Work continues…..

I have been spending some valuable time with the electrodometer over the last couple of weeks, testing the reaction of the implant with various sonic inputs.

Manning the electrodometer

Some preliminary tests have shown that the purity of the sine tone provides clearest and most easily controlled stimulus to the individual electrodes. Below are two electrodometer visualisations. (more…)

Interior Design: Music for the bionic ear.

Introduction to the project:

The residency comprises three months of research and development around the idea of composing music for cochlear implant wearers. The artist (Robin Fox…that’s me) is working closely in collaboration with Bionic Ear Institute research scientists Hamish Innes-Brown and Jeremy Marozeau to tailor music or more broadly ‘organize sound’ designed for reception via current implementations of cochlear implant sound processing and emitting software and hardware. (more…)